Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New Songs for the Testivus Season

From my dear friend and colleague Loren Kent, here is a new Testivus song.  And the good news is that we here in NC can demonstrate our Global Awareness and recognition of other cultures with this one.  It will look great on your final eval.  Thanks Loren.

Testing, Testing, Testing! (To the tune of "Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel")

Oh testing, testing, testing
My students's throwing up..
Oh testing, testing, testing,
I think she's had enough.

Please take this little MAP,
It shows us strengths and gaps .
It's a very useful tool 
To show you where you're at

Time for a quick quiz check
To see if you're on track,
And now a unit test
More to cover, no time to slack.

Oh testing, testing, testing
This is really important stuff!
Oh testing, testing, testing
Why is he cutting up?

To see how you've progressed
And now another MAP 
Oh no, what's this, can't be!
An even bigger gap!

There's still so much to cover,
The field test stole 3 days.
Good for the Pearson rep,
I heard he got a raise.

Oh testing, testing, testing
No child left behind
Oh testing, testing, testing
If only we had time

The time to teach a child
How to read, write, research too,
Scientific process,
and calculations for a cube

Teach him how to question, 
Create, critique, collaborate
Solve problems on her own
And respectfully debate

Oh testing, testing, testing
When will they see the flaw?
Oh testing, testing, testing
He just walked out the door.