Friday, March 12, 2010

Hmm. . . . what CAN we do?

I brand myself as a visionary and a dreamer.  It's because I'm an idealist.  I like to believe that we can actually do the things the way we should and that the results will be what we hope.  That's one of the reasons I am always looking for ways around the system that blocks innovation.  That's why I look for ways to see what we CAN do in the face of restrictions.  Maybe we cannot adopt all the changes we'd like, but what ones can we implement?

This "what if. . ." post by Jessica Luallen Horton energized to think about my philosophy above even more.  I love her post.  My comment to her was where do I sign up?  This energy fed into other thinking prompted by Joe Bower and this post about grades.  So now, one of the things I have to find time for this weekend is finding a way to implement some of these crazy ideas.

Now, what CAN we do?

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